lucky thirteen

Thirteen years ago today I graduated from high school. I just misspelled “school”. Thankfully my computer has a backspace button or you would really think I was an idiot. That McDowell edukation was top notch.

Save for the blogs, the Space, the occasional email, and the random run-ins, I don’t speak to many people so often. Funny to think that you can see someone nearly every day for fifteen years then never see them again for fifteen more. Of the five hundred some people I graduated with, I think of a hundred or so of them every month, half of that every week, and I keep a good dozen or so in my heart each day.

How could I not?

Since graduation we’ve been through births and deaths and build ups and break downs and marriages and divorces and heart aches and soul searches. We’ve done things to one another that we’ve either forgiven or forgotten, we’ve commended and condemned, we’ve loved, we’ve laughed, we’ve hated, we’ve cried. We’ve changed, we’ve stayed the same. We got fat, we got skinny, we got sick, we got healthy, we got boyfriends, we got girlfriends, we got lost, we got found, we got drunk, we got sober. We moved away, we stayed at home. We lost parents, we gained parents, we got dogs, we got cats, we got houses, we got brats. We scored fancy jobs, we worked behind bars, we traveled the world, we stayed in our own backyards. We got older, we got younger.

And all that was nothing compared to what happened before 1994. You are my brothers and my sisters, my friends and my family. Thanks for being there through my formative years when I was highly impressionable. You did a good job.


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