pure class

I figure that if I have to stay at home for an entire week, I may as well make as much a vacation of it as possible. Instead of moping around in my pajamas all day, I decided to sit up on the deck and read a little. In my bathing suit.

I came down for my 3pm dose of medication just in time for the UPS guy to ring the bell. Because I can’t really run upstairs to grab a shirt and because the house is clean for once and there aren’t any clothes lying around and because I really need this new phone and because those delivery guys don’t wait for anyone, I was forced to answer the door in a bikini. Holding three Rx bottles and a bag of ice cubes.

The guy didn’t seem to mind a bit and asked me if I needed help with anything. I apologized for answering the door looking like a hot mess and said no. Then I shut and locked the door before I got a chance to see what brown can do for me.


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