I never use the word “blessed”. I don’t say that I am blessed or you are blessed to have a steady job, nor blessed to have a healthy child, nor blessed to have a home, a car, enough flow to pay bills and get spoiled a little, to be an American, to have health coverage, to have a pension, a bank account, and on, and on, and so forth.

To say that I am “blessed” connotes that God or Allah or Santa has picked me out and given me something that other people can’t have or don’t have or shouldn’t have and I think that is a terrible thing to say. Has God forsaken those who have sick kids? Are homeless people, or unemployed people, or poor people, or diseased people not worthy of a “blessing”? What did they do to deserve such smoting? It’s a terrible thing to say and doesn’t jive with my idea of who God is and what he stands for.

I consider my self to be a really smart chick, a moderately hard worker, and a lucky effing bastage. It amazes me that my life is such that my once 700 over 20 vision is now perfect and my face that was caving in a month ago is now normal and my rotting sinuses are as good as new and I’m scheduled to have some mildly troublesome cancer gouged out of my whohaa. I live in a town where I don’t have to travel more than two miles to get any of this done, and I am secure knowing that some of the best doctors in the world are at my fingertips and I have the best insurance offered in the tri-state area and I only pay a dollar a day for it because I have the world’s most wonderful and flexible job. When Jake had to get his whohaa dealt with we took him to the best children’s hospital in the country, and it only took ten minutes to get there.

In light of tomorrow, I’ll say that I am fortunate enough that I don’t know anyone who died as a result of the attacks on September 11th. I don’t know anyone who died as a result of the war that isn’t a direct result of the attacks on September 11th but followed shortly thereafter. I don’t know anyone serving overseas in active combat and those that I did know are now safe at home and not in a box nor a wheel chair nor missing any parts that they were born with.

So, blessed? I don’t think so because I don’t believe that people who don’t have what I have or what you have are unblessed or damned or cursed or condemned. I’ll say I’m advantageous, adventitious, auspicious, beneficial, charmed, endowed, favored, felicitous, fortuitous, golden, lucky, happy, propitious, prosperous, providential, serendipitous, successful, and timely- maybe.

And I have access to


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