we all landed on free parking

Oh boy! The whole country is abuzz with deep pockets now that the government is in works to give us reparitions for the suffering our people have endured these past eight years with W.

What? Why does everyone look at me when I say that? Reparitions isn’t a bad word, just a loaded one. I thought it was hilarious- at 3 am this morning when I couldn’t sleep. If I was a good girl, I’d get up and do some housework when I’m up at night, but it is way too cold and I’m way too lazy so I just lie in bed and come up with wit to drop the next day.

Personally, I’ll be happy when that check is in my hot little hands. I’m certainly not part of the guild that is out spending it already, putting things on credit and promising that I will pay it off later with my prize. No, no. Not you. It’s that lady in the check out line behind you.

When we win our money, I’m hoping that we can get the yard re-poured (that’s urbanese for “landscaping”) by local contractors who buy their materials off an independent dealer up there on Washington Avenue so I can at least delude myself into thinking that the money is stimulating our local economy.
That way I can pretend that I’m combating the many Americans who will be spending their check at the big box stores, which does no good for any economy, except maybe the estate of Sam Walton, et al. which is why our country is where it is. Which is why we are getting these dollars in the first place. Oh no! Maybe those local contractors can unpaint me from this corner.


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