gone corporate

A year or so ago I put down fourteen bucks and a sizable chunk of my soul to buy a CD at Starbucks. Don’t hate. It is amazing, especially on those sunny winter days when your car is really warm and you turn off your phone and toss your kid in the back and have yourselves a long drive through a neighborhood that doesn’t have a lot of bare trees. You can almost convince yourself that it is summer. And 1965. The beauty of my town is that it hasn’t changed much in the last hundred years so taking yourself back ten years before you were born isn’t all that hard. It’s like regressive therapy.

They got me again today with this. How can I resist something that headlines Bob Dylan, Leonard Cohen, and Nick Drake? How can anyone resist? Hell seems a small price to pay for a little pre-mortem soul soothing/searching. I figure as long I steer clear of Wal*mart and McDonalds for the next six months, dropping $20 at Starbucks today isn’t all that bad. I think I can even out my universe. Pity on the souls selling their music to these companies, right? Makes me look like a damned saint. I really need to stop using the word damned as an adjective. It confuses people. Like a saint. It makes me look like a saint.

In other music news, I hear I missed an awesome Black Angels show last night at Johnny Brendas and I’ll be missing a $10 Smoking Popes show there this weekend. Oh well. I’m too tired for a ten o’clock start time these days anyway. And it is so far up there in the ghettoey part of NoLib that I have to worry about getting home and sometimes I’m not responsible enough to pocket a tenner for the cab ride home before I spend all my money on beer. Blah. I’ll just listen to the CDs. But if you’re around, definitely go. I won’t be the girl there in the back, standing around and holding a hand-drawn Yards but you can pretend she is me. We’ll have an awesome time.

In other other music news, I picked up a special treat for Jake, in honor of our very long car ride to Erie and the upcoming adults-only trip up to the 51st state. I’m pretty excited to hear it. I love bands who totally capitalize on the fact that their fanbase is breeding. So incredibly genius.

If you need me before next Tuesday, I’m sorry. You will just have to wait. I’m taking a real vacation and turning off my cell phone. I don’t know if I’m covered in Canada anyway. I’ll be giving my mom my kid, his insurance card, and the number to the hotel and taking a break from the world.

Have a magically safe Independence Day. I’m hoping to catch some Buffaloian fireworks from the Canadian side of the falls if we get the energy to drive down there from the tiny town where we are hiding out for a couple days before moving on to a bigger locale. Or maybe I’ll just belly up to a counter somewhere and stuff my face full of poutine until I explode. One or the other. It’s bound to be a good show either way.


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