So, how come Middle America is lauding Sarah Palin for sticking to her guns and not having an abortion in spite of the fact that the baby has Down Syndrome? Are you supposed to have an abortion just because your baby has Down Syndrome? I mean, it’s just Down Syndrome. Not like the doctor came in and said that the baby was mutated beyond recognition or the mother’s life was in danger or the baby was missing a sizable chunk of its brain or its lungs or something. Then maybe you may want to consider abortion because your baby will suffer violently or you will die and be of no use to your other children. Did she really only birth this child because she was opposed to abortion? Not because she loves her baby no matter what? That’s the strangest piece of parenting (il)logic I have run into in a long time. And I run into a whole lot of illogical parenting on a daily basis.

So, begs the question, how come no one in Middle America lauds me? I love my baby so much that I didn’t even have the damned retard test in the first place. Take that, Conservatives. By the time my pregnancy progressed far enough to have those tests there was no way in hell I was going to abort that brat. I loved him with every ounce of my being. Who cares if he came out retarded? I was going to take care of him because he was mine and I was his and that’s the way life works.


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