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I completely forgot about gay rights on that last post. It’s almost easy to forget about them here, where we have an entire neighborhood that celebrates homosexuality and our city is open to just about anything. Most businesses respect partnerships in regard to health benefits and FMLA stuff. You can have your commitment ceremony and get on with life. You can buy a house and start a family and have a nice normal picket fence existence.

I know it isn’t like that everywhere, and the idea that someone would disapprove of a relationship solely on the gender of the partners completely blows my mind. What the fuck does anyone care about who someone loves and what they do with the holes and the poles they use to express that love? Why does it matter if a person chooses to love a person that has the same parts as they do or if they were born that way? Does it make them less of a person? Do they threaten you or your children? Can’t you just leave well enough alone?

Personally, I think that the majority of people who are disapproving of gay people just happen to be really physically ugly. It’s true. Check out protest photos in the news. It’s a bunch of disgustors who make your sexy parts shrink all the way back up near your belly button. It sickens me that anyone would want to do it with them all missionary position-like and what not (or however it is that people like that do it) and the fact that they would go ahead and marry someone who looks like that? And have to see them every day across the dinner table? That’s just disgusting. If I was the President all ugly people would be sent to South Dakota and wouldn’t be allowed out because they repulse me and bring the general beauty of the world down at least seven points. That makes just as much sense as restricting who gets married to who. I can go out and marry a junkie abusive baby-raper dog-puncher who likes to stick his finger in his ass before he pours your soda at McDonalds and no one will say anything. I marry my dream girl and everything falls apart.

So I think that gay people should be given the same rights that straight people are. Why is it even an issue? I’m serious. If you can give me a legitimate reason why this is a political issue please either email me or leave a comment. I am totally baffled by all this and would love to hear something that doesn’t include the words “unnatural” or “God”.


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